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National Association of Benefits and Work Incentives Specialists (NABWIS)

The National Association of Benefits and Work Incentive Specialists (NABWIS) is comprised of the many and varied professionals providing assistance to individuals who receive disability benefits.

Welcome to the 2015 Webinar Series

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1/24/2014 - NABWIS Webinar Series 2014

The NABWIS will be conducting a series of webinars to begin a national dialogue regarding essential competencies of practitioners, growing trends in continuous quality improvement, and showcase state models for building capacity and infrastructure of the field. This is the first in a series of dialogues NABWIS will engage in to further advance our field. This series of webinars is free to current members. Non-members can register to attend the entire series for $55.00 which will automatically provide them an individual professional or associate membership for a one-year period.

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4/10/2013 - NABWIS Responds to NPR's Series

NABWIS Responds to NPR's Series on This American Life and Planet Money Learn More...

3/29/13 - Update

Great news, SSA is taking steps to restart WIPA and PABSS. Below are the details of those next steps provided in an email from SSA:

Restarting WIPA

Restarting PABSS

Next Steps

The following is an outline of next steps to ensure timely issuance of award notices.

3/12/2013 - Update and Action Alert

Important: Update on WIPA/PABSS

There has been continued advocacy to get both the Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA) and Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS) programs reinstated. A positive step on this front has recently occurred. The Department of Justice has advised SSA that they have the authority to fund both programs.

As you may recall, last year SSA phased out the WIPA and PABSS programs because they believed both programs required reauthorization from Congress for continued funding. Later in 2012 the GAO reviewed relevant law and provided an opinion that SSA did not need reauthorization to continue funding. At that point the SSA Commissioner decided clarification from the Department of Justice was required. This recent finding by the Department of Justice is in response to that request for clarification. SSA has indicated they would like to restore access to these services for beneficiaries, but there are few details about next steps or other issues that will need to be resolved. As more details become clear, updates will be emailed out.

Call to Action

As you know, Congress failed to finish the Fiscal Year 2013 appropriations process. We are currently functioning under a Continuing Resolution that will expire 3/27/13. It is expected that an additional Continuing Resolution will be needed to complete the Fiscal Year 2013 appropriations cycle. In addition to the advocacy noted above, there has also been advocacy to get an “anomaly” included in the upcoming Continuing Resolution to authorize WIPA/PABSS so that funds already allocated can be spent. Having this language in the new Continuing Resolution would be another way to provide clear direction for SSA to fund WIPA/PABSS.

What to do if you want to take action

Contact your senators, educate them about WIPA/PABSS and ask them "to support an anomaly in the Continuing Resolution to fund WIPA and PABSS programs".

Locate contact information for your Senators here:

Find a sample letter here.

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